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January 13 2017

Etape 11 –  San Juan -> Rìo Cuarto
759 km with 288 km special

The San Juan dunes, which will come in the first 50 kilometres of the special stage will be the final to surf on the 2017 Dakar. Those who best handle sliding and the racing line will be right at home on the WRC like tracks of the Córdoba region. Everyone knows that a surprise can come at any moment.

January 12 2017

What a step !!!

Axel Dutrie had big problems, he broke his engine and for him, it was the end, because it cannot be repaired on the spot!
But Alexandre Giroud went … he pulled Axel on 47 km.

Axel remains in the race in 3rd place overall and 11th in the stage, even more than 3 hours on the 1st, S. Karyakin.
Its main objective for his first Dakar is arriving in Buenos Aires, regardless of classification …
Let us hope that the mechanics hold the blow and realize this objective.

Alexandre Giroud sent a good ninth place on this stage, congratulations to him for his performance and his great spirit of mutual assistance.

Stage 10 – Chilecito -> San Juan
751 km with 449 km special

The arms, shoulders and legs of the riders will be put to a rude test, especially during the long “trial” section that will be the key moment early in the day. The special stage will become a lot more rolling as it nears its end, but the navigation subtleties will impede maximum attacks. Errors will be penalized not in seconds but in minutes.

Special start  :
Axel DUTRIE #280 : 12h01
Alexandre GIROUD #278 : 12h06
Camelia LIPAROTI #259 : 12h15

January 11th 2017

« Man » as changed the YFZ 450R engine, after a sleepless night !
A penality of 15mn will be applied to Axel Dutrie.

 Stage 9 -Salta -> Chilecito

Stage cancelled

January 10th 2017

08:00pm at Salta, after 14 hours to riding quad, Axel Dutrie has found his assistance with chance, He has also found Simon Vitse.
The stage of tomorrow cancelled (see below), « Man » the mechanic, will benefit to change the YFZ 450R engine.

Stage 9 from Salta to Chilecito cancelled

A huge landslide struck the town of Volcán, located in the liaison, around 10.30 am today. The affected area lies approximately 40 km to the north of Jujuy and 160 km from Salta. Argentinian emergency services have reported casualties and significant property damage.

The organisers have made their medical services available to strengthen the rescue teams deployed in the area. In light of this situation, and with the liaison blocked, the entire Dakar caravan has been rerouted to an alternative itinerary via San Antonio de los Cobres, extending the liaison by approximately 200 km. This will prevent competitors from reaching the Salta bivouac in time for the start of stage 9.

Furthermore, large vehicles cannot take this route. As a result, today will be used to regroup the rally in Chilecito with a view to continuing the race on Thursday, 12 January, with stage 10 from Chilecito to San Juan.

The assistance trucks are stopped on the way.

The riders had a new road book of 300km of track to rejoin the bivouac.
The assistance will not be able to rejoin the bivouac tonight, it will be complicated.

We are wondering,

Will there be an assistance tonight ?
Will they extend the marathon stage ?
Where will sleep our riders ?
How is the Axel’s quad ?

Anyway, one thing is certain. For today Axel is 2nd on general ranking with 6.57 minutes of Karyakin the 1er, and 2 hours of Mazzucci the 4th…

January 10th 2017

It was unfortunately confirmed, after an electrical problem on his quad, Simon Vitse was forced to give up, he had finished the end of the first stage behind a quad, then a truck, but eventually had to be repatriated by the organization And abandon his quad that he could not repair ..
We congratulate him for his excellent journey, he sent a dream for his first Dakar!

Congratulations to him

10:28 – Simon Vitse is riding again. The Frenchman has finally succeeded in the repairs on his quad and is continuing the special.

#279 – 8:10 Problem for VITSE
All the quads have now started the day’s special, but on the start of the stage fortune is not smiling on Frenchman Simon Vitse, who has been at a standstill for a good number of minutes to repair a problem on his Raptor 700, a big blow for the second placed rider in the general standings.

Stage 8 -Uyuni -> Salta
892 km with 417 km special (of the  492 km initially planned)


January 8th 2017

Phone call from Axel 2 hours ago after finishing this special without assistance.
His quad is in perfect state, he avoided a maximum of pebbles to not puncture a tire. Normally, he has not to work on the quad tonight, that is good because « Man » took his night of holiday 😉
he was in great form.

The stage 7 is now done with good places for our riders Axel Dutrie who finished 2nd and Simon Vitse who finished 5th of this stage.

Always on the podium, they are placed on the 2nd and 3rd place of the general ranking at 5 little minutes of the 1st (on a total of 22 hours of race)

Stage 7 – La Paz -> Uyuni
622 km with 161km special (instead of 322 km special)

January 7th 2017

Axel and Simon had the smile when they arrived to La Paz 😉

Stage 6 – Oruro -> La Paz
786 km witht 527 km of special


January 6th 2017

Axel’s message before the Stage 5 :

Mickael Montezin (RC1) has succesfully worked on my 450, I loose around 10 km/h because of the altitude comparated to the 30km/h 2 days ago.

I put my quad aside and loose 3 / 4 minutes
and gardening 10 minutes on a WP and miss the next…

The night before the start of this stage, I had the mountain sickness, impossible for me to sleep at 3:00am, but I’m not to tired.

We was arrived at 6:00pm (local time) at the Bivouac after 350km by the road under the rain and many wind.
When we see the bevouac state, we are happy to not sleep in a tent.

Simon Vitse has successfully managed his navigation, that allow him to take the 1st place of the general ranking, and me the 3rd place. He was present in the bivouac TV show

Good night to all, and thank you for your messages.

Bivouac TV show with Simon Vitse’s interview.

stage 5 – Tupiza -> Oruro
692 km with 447 km of special – between 3700 and 4000m altitude



January 5th 2017

Some information from Axel Dutrie :
He had a front tire puncture brefore the CP1, that he repaided with a wick.
After, he had another tire puncture, but on rear 50km before the finish, he didn’t fixed it and finished like that.
About navigation, it was good.

Etape 4 – San Salvador de Jujuy -> Tupiza
521 km with 416 km of special – between 3000 and 4000m altitude


04 Janvier 2017

Axel Dutrie’s message after Sateg 3 :

Very very hard race ! Much fesh fesh since the begining, and great rios to cross, so all riders was gardening…In the course of the special, we was climbing in altitude and the engins work less good, and my YFZ-R worse than any ! all quads and bikes was overtaking me, so I attacked strong to limit the fall in the ranking, but it exhausted me ! « Man » my mechanic will work on the CDI Vortex configuration to solve that…After a good night, I’ll be better. In contrast, simon did a beautifull race, without big navigation errors and fisnish 4th !

General ranking after Stage 3 ! Axel and Simon in the TOP 5 !

The stage 3 is done.

Simon Vitse did an excellent race and come on the 4th place, Axeldutrie 10th, Camelia Liparoti 18th and Alexandre Giroud 19th.

Stage 3 – San Miguel de Tucumàn -> San Salvador de Jujuy

The riders will face 757 km, with 374 km of special and will climn at 5000m of altitude.


The rise in temperature and altitude will accompany a drastic change of scenery. With the first off-road sections, the riders and crews will head straight to the business at hand. The first real test in terms of endurance will also call for vigilance and lucidity when crossing the Rios. On the other hand, the trucks will be spared this final difficulty.

January 3rd 2017

After a penality infliged to the Paraguayan rider Nelson Sanabria, Axel Dutrie is placed 2nd of the Stage 2.
He is now 3rd of the general ranking.

Good day for this stage 2.

A podium for Axel Dutrie (3rd place), 9th place for Simon Vitse, a 20th place for Alexandre Giroud and a 23th place for Camélia Liparoti.

Axel’s message after this stage :

I finished 3rd with many amazement, I’m happy
A big thanks to all for your support messages that Valentine forward to me.

To sum up the day,

Very fast race, on more that the half of the special, we was at maximum of the 5th gear and I was disadventaged by 700 RAPTOR that have 5km/h more. However, the rest of the stage was puddles, mires, fesh fesh and the 450cc more agile allowed to cover my late. The quad took some hit on mires, but for the moment, no problem, all is good 😉


Les choses sérieuses commencent !

the serious things begin !

stage2  : Resistencia > San Miguel de Tucumán – 803 Km, with 275 km  special
Place à la 2ème étape : Resistencia > San Miguel de Tucumán – 803 Km, dont 275 km de spéciale

Follow live timing  : http://www.francetvsport.fr/dakar/etape-en-direct/#xtor=AL-501-Dakar2017

January 02nd 2017

Bivouac TV show replay with some pictures of Axel Dutrie and Sebastien Souday’s interview


1st stage done with a beautifull 5th place for Axel Dutrie, Simon Vitse on 14th postion, Sebastien Souday on 27th but has to give up because of a broken wrist, Camélia Liparoti on 28th place and Alexandre Giroud on 30th place.

It is the great day !

It won’t be the distance that will preoccupy the competitors, but rather the tension that will accompany the opening days of competition. Everyone will have to be aware that an error on the technical tracks and even the trial-style sections early on could be costly. The tactic for the following day’s starting positions will also have its importance for the top contenders.

You can follow the live timing ici :

Janvuary 01st 2017

The riders presentation was done on the Dakar podium before the great start tomorrow.

Décember, 30th 2016

The riders has recovered them quads and are arrived to the hotel. They are visibly happy of it. Modern, in city center but at 30 km of the paddock.
With 33°c and high humidity, the tiredness because of the 5 to 6 hours of sleep last 2 nights, the swimming pool on the hotel roof was not too much to relax 😀

Paddock installation

December 28th 2016

Little surprise this morning with Axel Dutrie and Simon Viste on cover of La Voix Du Nord.

Suite à la correspondance raté à Madrid, décollage à 11H00 pour Buenos-Aires, d’où ils prendront un vol vers Asunción qui arrivera vers 1H00 du matin.
Because of the missed correspondence in Madrid, take-off at 11h00 to Buenos-Aries, where the will take a flight for Asunciòn, that will arrive at 1h00 am

Camélia Liparoti was lukier

December 27th 2016

The flight Paris – Madrid was 2 hours late, our riders has missed them correspondence -> Go to the hôtel.

1st wainting at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, flight 1h30 late, Simon Vitse got the feast, he has to keep the crown until Paraguay

5 Days remaining before our riders take the start of this Dakar 2017
They will board today in the flight for Asunciòn in Paraguay.

This is the first Dakar rally for Alexandre GIROUD #278, Axel DUTRIE #280 et Simon VITSE #279, the 2 others riders of the team has already made them proof on thys mythical rally.
Camélia LIPAROTI #259 : 9th participation since 2009
Sébastien SOUDAY #260 : 3rd participation since 2015

December 23th 2016

Back from Infotel Entreprises  with a Sony Xperia M4, with world data plan.
It will be used by Axel Dutrie to send us pictures from South America, that will be posted here througout this adventure.


December 17th 2016

Axel Dutrie, Jean-Claude Moussé et Adrien Van Beveren followed by motorcycles parade on North of France road during the Prologue of Dakar of Adrien Van Beveren.


November 25th 2016

Last preparation before the vehicles boarding at Le Havre.

028 023 024 025 026 027

November 24th 2016

The Ford F-350 furnished specially for Axel Dutrie and Simon Vitse will be them home during this Dakar
It doesn’t look like that, but it is equiped with bunk beds, a shower, a water-closed, a fridge … the great luxury 😉

022 0021

Axel Dutrie’s Yamaha YFZ 450R is ready to face the tracks in South America.

020 web006 web007 018 019 web004


Drag’on / Team Al Desert quad riders :
#259 / Camelia LIPAROTI
#260 / Sébastien SOUDAY
#278 / Alexandre GIROUD
#279 / Simon VITSE
#280 / Axel DUTRIE

Stage informations here : DAKAR 2017 STAGES




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